Has anyone else in this community visited a family plot at Glenwood cemetery within the last month? I've been there five times in the past ten days and conditions have remained deplorable for those buried towards the rear of the cemetery away from the road.

Ten days ago after viewing the conditions, I stopped at the city manager's office and expressed my concerns. What happened? Nothing. I called the city manager's office one week later and was told to contact the public works department which I did. What happened? Nothing. On August 14, I expressed my concerns to a councilman. What happened? Nothing. This section of the cemetery, which is out of view from Route 20 is in dire need of mowing and trimming. The grass is so high around markers that it is almost impossible to read the inscriptions. I've had occasion to visit cemeteries in Geneva and Ashtabula and never have I seen conditions that compare to this. I would venture to say that this section is in violation of the city's own weed ordinance and running a close second in appearance of old Conneaut Shore Golf Course.

It is my sincere hope that whoever is responsible for the upkeep, accepts this responsibility and corrects a disgraceful condition.

Harold Ladner


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