The George Bush "empire" seems to be ramping up for a brand new war against oil-rich Iran this time. This comes before we've won the "easy war" in Iraq and have not yet been greeted by cheering crowds and flowers there. I hear the same rhetoric as before, the same frantic references to "Nine Eleven" and the same drumbeat that preceded our "second adventure" in the Middle East. Undoubtedly, Israel would like to see Iran out of the picture, but other than a lot of American neo-con Zionists who helped elect "W" president, I don't quite remember when the Knesset took over our Congress. But somebody certainly did, and I don't think they have the interests of the United States of America in mind. There's no question that we can "clean Iran's clock," but at what expense to our armed services and our national treasure? ; ;The whole idea, like the current preemptive war on Iraq is poorly thought out and totally insane.

It seems to me that the only way out of this cycle of "terrorism/fear/threats/war" (rinse-and-repeat, ad infinitum) is to smarten up and hold our own government responsible for its foolish and illegal actions by the constitutionally sanctioned means of elections and impeachment. It's got to be this or another civil war. Either one would give joy to our extremist enemies, but the second option would grant them a victory well beyond their expectations! ; ;Given the disruptions that have occurred to our economy, politics, and civil liberties since 9/11, it's hard to say that Al-Quaida has not already won a sizable victory. Taken a few steps further, particularly for conspiracy fans, it's becoming harder to argue against the idea that the Islamic attacks on the twin towers were not an NSA "black operation" to justify a war on Iraq in the planning stages (at least since January 2000), gone very wrong. The trial of the one conspirator who didn't die in the attacks brought out evidence that the government had suppressed evidence that the attacks were planned -- not just once, but on at least three separate occasions. And the look on W's face when Andy Card told him the nation was under attack did not betray any trace of surprise. Isn't that odd? ; ;A good detective might have arrested him on the spot, but who arrests the president?

I don't have a suggestion, here. I'm not in favor of civil war, but I'm not about to let the country I love turn into a fascist stronghold either. (Don't you think for a moment that Europeans haven't noticed similarities -- why do you think they distrust us?) a democracy deserves the government it votes for, and we apparently deserve "Emperor" George W. Bush. He's so cute and personable that we apparently haven't noticed that he doesn't have any clothes on, nor do any of his policies.

Lynn R. Allen


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