The Star Beacon is looking for community members who are interested in being involved in spirited debate and helping the newspaper shape our editorial voice as part of the editorial board.

The editorial board consists of Star Beacon leadership, including the editor and publisher, and several rotating community members from all walks of life. 

The editorial board meets twice monthly to discuss primarily local and state issues that affect the community, as well as the occasional national story that has relevance locally. Board members offer their opinion, and a consensus is formed on a viewpoint that is published in the Our View pieces in the lefthand column of the Opinion page. Editorial board members help the Star Beacon pull in a variety of perspectives from the community and help us hone and sharpen our voice on important topics. Board members have also been invaluable in helping to make sure newsworthy issues are being covered and problems in our community are being reported from all angles.

While editorials represent the general consensus of the board, if a member feels strongly in opposition to the rest of the group he or she will be given an opportunity to write a guest column with a dissenting opinion — though we always strive to develop a consensus.

The Star Beacon is seeking board members who will provide a cross section of voices from Ashtabula County across diverse backgrounds that will help us continue to offer a nuanced and common sense perspective.

In order to preserve the paper’s editorial impartiality, no reporters are allowed to serve on the editorial board so they can continue to cover important community stories without any potential conflicts. We want our reporters’ opinions left out of our coverage, and we want those who are reported on to know they are going to be covered fairly, even if they don’t always agree with what’s published on our Opinion page.

Anyone interested in serving on the board can email or call 994-3257 with questions by June 14.