{p class=”p1”}The memory is getting dimmer, but there was a time when Democrats and Republicans could sit down and have a decent, spirited conversation. The goal was always the same, the method of getting there was the difference. Today the goals are going in totally opposite directions. A Republican who believes in the constitution and the natural rights given to us by God is called a right-wing extremist by the Democrats. The Democrats don’t appear anymore to believe in the greatness of America. Not one national spokesman for that party has said anything complimentary about our nation in decades.{p class=”p1”}{span class=”s1”}A liberal Democrat of fifty years ago would look at a liberal Democrat of today and would not recognize him as an equal. He would see someone who has walked away from the founding documents of our nation, a person who does not believe in absolute truths, the truths that guide us to realize our rights are God given, not man given. He would see someone who puts his trust in Karl Marx and not in God.{/span}{p class=”p1”}{span class=”s1”}Historically the Democratic party has had a dark past, it has had a propensity for the demonic: from slavery to segregation to the Ku Klux Klan to anti-civil rights and anti-voting rights. Today their demand for abortion from conception to AFTER birth and their embrace of Marxist Critical Race Theory and Diversity, Inclusion and Equity programs that promote racial hatred directly oppose traditional Judeo-Christian ideas of the sacredness of all life and that we are to love our fellow man and judge him on the content of his character, not the color of his skin.{/span}{p class=”p1”}{span class=”s1”}If our nation is to survive, the Democratic party of today must be defeated. Our friends and neighbors who are Democrats but haven’t drunk the poison their party dispenses need our prayers.{/span}{p class=”p1”}Elliott Rice{p class=”p1”}Jefferson

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