Hide your yearbooks when the grandkids visit!

Shelley Terry

Warning! Never let your grandchildren look at your high school yearbook. 

Delightful Granddaughter and friends found my senior yearbook last week and howled so loud that I bet the neighbor’s heard them cackling.

They laughed and laughed at Hubby and I. (Faithful readers will recall we graduated high school together.)

“You look like a pilgrim!” said Delightful Granddaughter before filling the room with more uproarious laughter. 

She was referring to my dress which had a butterfly collar — quite fashionable in the 1970s. 

Then they made fun of my lame teen-age attempts to straighten my naturally curly hair. 

“Well, we didn’t have hair gel or anti-frizz cream back then,” I said in my defense.

Next came my weight. 

“You were soooo skinny, Grandmaw,” Delightful Granddaughter said in amazement.

Then they turned their remarks to Hubby.

“THAT’S [Hubby]?” Delightful Granddaughter said in disbelief. “He was so handsome!”

I beamed with pride.

“Wow!” said her friends, grabbing the yearbook to check it out.

It’s true that these days, Hubby’s once black curly hair is now gray and white. And, like many Baby Boomers, he’s a bit “huskier” than in 1975 when he was voted “Most Athletic” by our classmates.

Delightful Granddaughter and friends weren’t surprised that I was voted Class Clown, only that years of eating ice cream finally caught up with me.

I pointed out that someday they will be grandparents and their grandchildren will laugh at how they dyed their hair all the colors of the rainbow, got a tattoo or wore jeans with holes in them to be fashionable.

But I didn’t have to wait 30 years for Delightful Granddaughter to get her dues. 

On Tuesday, a box full of VCR tapes that I sent away to be digitalized arrived in my email. 

That night, Hubby and I watched the ones featuring Delightful Granddaughter.

I don’t know how many times I said, “Awww, she was so adorable.” 

Kudos to Hubby who took lots and lots of videos of our little darling growing up.

When she was about 18 months old, she loved “Barney.” On one of the tapes, Hubby kept talking to her while she was trying to watch her favorite purple dinosaur on TV.

“Do you like Barney? Is that Barney? You like Barney?” he asked.

She turned to him and said, “popcorn.”

But the best video is the one called, “iDarwin,” where Delightful Granddaughter, age 6, pretended she had her own TV show. She called it “iDarwin” after another one of her favorite shows, Nickelodeon’s “iCarly.”

In the “iDarwin” tapes, she starts the show by sticking her face right up to the camera lens and announcing, “I lost my front teeth. See! And, I got another wiggly. See!”

Then she carried our Jack Russell terrier, Darwin, then just a puppy, in front of the camera.

Darwin, now known as the one-eyed wonder, sniffed the camera.

“See! He only has one eye! Show your eye Darwin,” she said. “He got in an accident and had to go to the hospital. Good thing he didn’t die.”

The best was yet to come.

“When I grow up, Darwin and I are getting married,” she said matter of factly. 

Then she gave Darwin a kiss on the head. Darwin licked her face.

“Awww, isn’t she cute?” I said, AGAIN.


Shelley Terry is saving the “iDarwin” video to show Delightful Granddaughter’s boyfriend. That should subdue the yearbook comments for a while.

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