Emus running down Route 11? Bear swimming in your pool? Call Terry because she may not know

Shelley Terry

One of the agonies of being a news reporter is that people often believe you know everything that’s going on everywhere in the county as soon as it happens.

I call it agony not because it’s such a big annoyance, but because I don’t know everything. 

Hubby is the worse offender.

For example, I met a girlfriend for dinner Wednesday night after work at a restaurant in Ashtabula. My phone rings and it’s Hubby.

“There’s four sheriff’s cruisers on Carson Road,” he said. “What’s going on?”

“I don’t know! I’m not at work. I’m in Ashtabula,” I said. 

“You’re a reporter! You should know,” he said.

My girlfriend laughed.

“Does he think just because you’re a reporter, you know everything that’s going on?” she said.

“Yes!” I said.

He’s not the only one. 

I have another friend who texts me about any rumor she hears, no matter how extraordinary — everything from a dozen dead bodies stashed in the old Sardi’s building to UFOs flying over Walnut Beach. 

She doesn’t understand why I haven’t heard about it and insists I investigate it immediately and give her a call back.

Now, I will admit I’ve reported on some pretty strange things in my 30-plus year career:

• Jesus’ face in a kitchen cupboard.

• An image of the Virgin Mary appearing in the bark of a tree.

• More than $200,000 found hidden inside a vacant home.

• A deer crashing through a window into a car dealership.

• A Shetland pony with a toothache.

• A meth lab inside a nursing home.

Consequently, I check out and appreciate any and all news tips. You never know.

But I am not everywhere all the time.

If the cops swarm your neighborhood, you see an emu running down Route 11, a bear swimming in your pool, or a UFO hovering above your house, call me and I’ll get the scoop as fast as I can.

I can’t know everything all the time. That’s God’s job.


Despite Hubby’s pestering, staff writer Shelley Terry believes becoming a journalist was the best decision she ever made. It’s given her a front seat to history and every day brings something new and (usually) exciting.

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