Voltaire, the 18th century French writer-philosopher, preferred an enlightened aristocracy to democracy yet he eloquently embraced one of the latter’s most sacred tenets, the right to free speech.

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You’re short of breath and having chest pains. The emergency room stabilizes you and sends you home with instructions to see a cardiologist immediately. When you call to schedule an appointment, you’re told the doctor can’t see you for three weeks and doesn’t accept your insurance. 


Since last summer when I started writing this column I have been blessed with many emails and letters in the mail from past friends and several new folks who offer their ideas and suggestions about Conneaut and Ashtabula County.

There were many times, I’m sure, when my mother was disappointed in me, but one memory is seared into my brain like rice scorched into the bottom of a forgotten pot on the stove. Imagine it’s your mom’s favorite pot. The one she inherited from the good grandmother. 

Hasbro’s announcement this week about Mr. Potato Head was quickly sliced and diced. Days later, the toymaker is still getting mashed and roasted on social media.

The Blizzard of 1978 spoiled me. Two weeks of below-zero temperatures, arctic wind and somewhere between a buttload and a metric ton of snow was a dream for northeastern Ohio kids.

Sunday marks 40 days and 40 nights wrongly wasted by President Trump and his allies in an attempt to subvert the will of the people, cancel the results of the presidential election, and keep him in power.

Tonight, The Star Beacon election forum will be live on the Star Beacon’s Facebook page, giving voters a chance to hear from candidates in the Nov. 3 general election. The event is being done for the very first time and should be insightful and educational.

My Grandpa Stack, being a farmer in his younger days, loved going to the Ashtabula County Fair every summer. Since I was around eight years old, he and my grandma would take me and two or three grandkids to the fair.

Because the United States’ unrivaled resources of human and physical capital have only been idled, not obliterated, the recovery might begin with a bang, propelled by a burst of pent-up animal spirits. The recovery could, however, be unnecessarily anemic, for two reasons.

I was going to write a column about finding joy in the simple things, about the importance of staying calm during the Age of Coronavirus, about how when you can’t do anything else, you can sing.

In addition to the truly grave aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic, a first-world problem that parents all over America are facing — along with looking for a creative and non-abrasive substitute for toilet paper — is how to keep their children wholesomely occupied while schools are closed. This…

Oh swell. The Republican Senate’s so-called “moderates,” who combine big talk with little action and fuse noble rhetoric with hapless inertia, appear to be readying themselves for another year of deeming certain Trump desecrations as “unhelpful” or “unwise.”

Impeachment is on the brain, and it would seem to the exclusion of everything else. But we had better make room for the Iraqi people. At the start of the month, Chaldean archbishop Bashar Warda of Erbil visited New York and spoke at the United Nations Security Council about the situation in …

FROM ANDREWS MCMEEL SYNDICATION FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DATED: 11/27/2019 GENE LYONS by Gene Lyons IN THE WINTER OF JESSE'S LIFE (EDITORS: A photo of Jesse is available to accompany this column. Download it from our server or email amsclients@amuniversal.com.) ** ** ** As winter approaches, I …

Apple-converted-space It is easy to give thanks when things are going well.  It is harder to do so when life has dealt us difficult, demanding, and depressing situations.  But just as a smooth sea never made a good sailor, the most genuine expressions of thankfulness are created in the cruci…

With festive turkey-based feasts fast approaching, and having just re-watched a classic Thanksgiving-themed Steve Martin video, I thought it appropriate that I share a few of the things for which I am thankful. I apologize if the list is too predictable and schmaltzy, but please bear with me.

Another month, another Democratic presidential debate. It’s getting to where one anticipates these dreary, made-for-TV spectacles as one looks forward to a root canal.

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