I am thankful for the tremendous job Gov. Mike DeWine and his staff have done to brief us on the progress of COVID-19. His professional and informative decisions and mandates to Ohioans have made a difference in the pandemic’s impact.

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The wording in a recent letter may tragically lead some readers to deny themselves a therapeutic regime for the virus that may save their lives. And this all comes, as they stated, from a deep dislike for Donald Trump.

I am willing to admit I made a mistake in writing about President Trump. It was honest and not an attempt to mislead; I was relying on memory because I couldn’t locate it online. It’s important to get facts right. Having now reviewed the clip I see that some back-and-forth was left out of my…

I was going to write a column about finding joy in the simple things, about the importance of staying calm during the Age of Coronavirus, about how when you can’t do anything else, you can sing.

In addition to the truly grave aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic, a first-world problem that parents all over America are facing — along with looking for a creative and non-abrasive substitute for toilet paper — is how to keep their children wholesomely occupied while schools are closed. This…

“I’d tell them you are a terrible reporter,” President Trump replied to a questioner, quoted by the Star Beacon editor in a column on March 22. Now there’s a quote that screams for context!

I would like to commend Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor for emphasizing the need to keep the courts in Ohio open.  As she stated during the March 19 press conference, “total closure of the courts and the clerks of court offices presents an access-to-justice issue.” She further announced the r…

Gov. Mike DeWine and the Department of Health do not have the authority to interrupt and suspend voting to steal democracy hours before an election, given the number of infected people statewide.

This is ridiculous for the Board of Election not to find Colleen O’Toole guilty of not living in Ashtabula. I, Reginald Holman, was at the place of residence and I didn’t see anything or hear anything to make me believe that she lives there.

On Monday, Fox News and President Trump accused national media and Democrats of fearmongering because they say there will be more deaths in the U.S. from the coronavirus.

Whether you are a Democrat, Republican or Independent, you should be appalled that the Ashtabula County Republicans are trying to pass off Colleen O’Toole as a resident of our beautiful county. Ms. O’Toole has never been an Ashtabula County resident. 

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Now that most of the Ashtabula City Council has sat on its collective hands and let a $35 million offer for the city’s wastewater treatment plant, well, go to waste, it’s time to count the days until spring.

The current flap over the eligibility of Colleen O’Toole as candidate for County Prosecutor is, in the words of Will Shakespeare, that astute observer of human nature,  ‘Much Ado About Nothing’. Ms. O’Toole is well known, having represented Ashtabula County in the 11th Court of Appeals for t…

It is sad to hear Trump followers believing everything the president says. The President is counting on his supporters’ prejudice for his lies to work. He lies to get you to believe that all Democrats must be socialists. His supporters believe all socialist must be Communists.

Recently we attended a lecture at Youngstown State University given by Justin Nobel, an investigative reporter. His article, entitled “America’s Radioactive Secret,” will appear in the next issue of Rolling Stone.

I am a retired minister of the Church of Christ. I have spent much time in the past 50 years studying Bible prophecy. The confusion by religious folks over time promises, mostly in the New Testament, is immense. Let us deal with just one aspect of this subject.

The whole attempt to impeach President Trump by these Dems is a load of garbage. They just can’t stand the fact that Trump beat Hillary Clinton. It’s obvious that the Dems will never admit the fact that Trump has done more good for this country than Barack Obama could have ever dreamed of doing.

Oh swell. The Republican Senate’s so-called “moderates,” who combine big talk with little action and fuse noble rhetoric with hapless inertia, appear to be readying themselves for another year of deeming certain Trump desecrations as “unhelpful” or “unwise.”

I found the article titled “AACS opposes sale to charter school” in a recent edition of the Star Beacon to be more of an advertorial for a public institution than a news story. To be clear, my wife and I are financial supporters of AACS by way of federal, state and local taxes.  We have alwa…

Most rat and mouse poison kills more than rats and mice. Poison kills birds of prey like bald eagles, red-tail hawks, cooper hawks, kestrels and owls — all of which call Ashtabula County home. These poisons also could kill the family pet cat or dog.

Jeff and I would like to give a big THANK YOU to every who helped in any way with the benefit and silent auction held Oct. 19, 2019 at Jefferson United Methodist Church to help with the mounting medical bills Jeff as from hospital stays and surgeries. He still has more surgeries to come, but…

Impeachment is on the brain, and it would seem to the exclusion of everything else. But we had better make room for the Iraqi people. At the start of the month, Chaldean archbishop Bashar Warda of Erbil visited New York and spoke at the United Nations Security Council about the situation in …

FROM ANDREWS MCMEEL SYNDICATION FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DATED: 11/27/2019 GENE LYONS by Gene Lyons IN THE WINTER OF JESSE'S LIFE (EDITORS: A photo of Jesse is available to accompany this column. Download it from our server or email amsclients@amuniversal.com.) ** ** ** As winter approaches, I …

Apple-converted-space It is easy to give thanks when things are going well.  It is harder to do so when life has dealt us difficult, demanding, and depressing situations.  But just as a smooth sea never made a good sailor, the most genuine expressions of thankfulness are created in the cruci…

With festive turkey-based feasts fast approaching, and having just re-watched a classic Thanksgiving-themed Steve Martin video, I thought it appropriate that I share a few of the things for which I am thankful. I apologize if the list is too predictable and schmaltzy, but please bear with me.

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ASHTABULA [ndash] Mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, sister and aunt was received into the loving arms of Jesus, March 31, 2020 while a resident of Country Club Retirement Center. Private Services are being held. See www.ducro.com for full obituary.