0517 kayak rescue 1

WARREN DILLAWAY | Star Beacon Investigators from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, right, and personnel from Northwest Ambulance respond to a kayak rescue at the intersection of South River Road and Brant Road in Harpersfield Township.

HARPERSFIELD TOWNSHIP — Two kayakers were brought to safety by boat after getting stuck on a small island about a half to three quarters of a mile west of the Harpersfield Covered Bridge early Saturday afternoon, said Harpersfield Fire Chief Frank Henry.

He said the department was called around 12:54 p.m. when the kayakers ended up stuck on, or around, the island holding on to trees. Henry said one of the kayakers was in the water and the other in a kayak.

Four kayakers were working the rough waters of the Grand River when two got stuck on the island, Henry said. He said the other two were able to navigate the swift waters and got off the river at Brant Road.

Harpersfield Fire Department personnel were able to find the people from land and then help the Geneva rescue boat get to the people, Henry said.

Henry said the Geneva water rescue boat and the Ashtabula County Water Rescue Team were called to the scene, but the ACWRT was called off shortly thereafter. He said the Geneva boat was used to bring the two people to shore at Brant Road where they were evaluated by crews from Northwest Ambulance District.

HFD Captain Patrick Linehan said the area around the island can be dangerous with varying currents between trees creating quickly changing currents.

The Ohio Division of Natural Resources talked to the people involved and were investigating the situation, Henry said.

The victims were taken by truck from the river to the intersection of Brant Road and South River Road where the ambulance was located and the ODNR conducted their interviews.

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