Each year, there is something new at D-Day Conneaut, and this year is no exception.

“There should be some cool things to see,” D-Day Conneaut CEO Betsy Bashore said.

Among those cool things is a 155 millimeter Howitzer artillery piece, Bashore said. "It's going to be super, super cool," she said. She added that there are going to be new pieces of armor at the event as well.

WWII Armor brings a number of pieces to D-Day, including a new weapon, D-Day COO Lori McLaughlin said.

“They’re bringing a convoy of, we call them ‘the big boys,’ tanks and paraphernalia, nice big toys, that are fabulous, really crowd pleasers,” McLaughlin said.

Coming back this year are a number of different tanks and pieces of armor, that will be present at this year’s armor showcase.

There will also be a number of new presentations this year, Bashore said. "Our reenactors work all year long, thinking about what they're going to bring, and set up, and so, there's going to be some cool things to see in the camp areas as well that are new to people," she said.

Among this year’s presentations are a German field hospital, and a victory garden display at the home-front. The D-Day Museum in Conneaut received a grant for construction of a victory garden at the museum’s location.

There will also be a number of Higgins boats for the landings, along with duck boats and at least one weasel, amphibious vehicles that were used on D-Day. "We're going to have the largest amount of watercraft we've had. ... That's good for the rides, it's good for everything. It's good for people to see en mass," McLaughlin said.

There are battles on Friday and Saturday, including attacks on Fourcarville and the La Fiere Bridge, along with the main event, the beach assault on Saturday afternoon.

The USO dance, held on Saturday night, has been move to the New Leaf Event center, off of Route 7, just north of Interstate 90.

D-Day hosted a new volunteer event on July 29, which had good turn-out, McLaughlin said.

The event has a code of conduct, that is new this year. Non-registered reenactors are not permitted to bring weapons, and no one is allowed to bring live ammunition or explosives to the event.

Visitors must also refrain from interfering with the reenactment, and can not handle any weapons during displays. Air horns, fireworks, and weapons of any kind are prohibited by the code of conduct. Weapons purchased at the event must have their actions held open by orange paracord, per the event's rules.

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