PLYMOUTH TOWNSHIP — A man reported his mailbox was blown up following a number of stalking incidents by a former friend.

The Sheriff's Office was called to the 1200 block of Morgan Road West last week when a man heard a loud noise outside. He initially thought it might have been a car accident, but it turned out to be an explosion.

The man reported someone used a two liter bottle, aluminum foil and drain cleaner to create a homemade explosive device, which was detonated inside his mailbox.

A former friend of the man, who has not been charged with a crime, is suspected of setting off the explosive, according to the police report.

After the homeowner told him they could no longer be friends, the suspect did not take the news well, the report states, and since that time he has been retaliating. Over the past year the man reported finding nails in his driveway, a concrete block with the word die and an expletive painted on it in the driveway and unwanted and harassing text messages.

The man reported being in fear for his family because he believes the former friend has been stalking his home.

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