She doesn’t live or work on a farm, and she wasn’t raised on one, but Jenna Hoyt has the Ashtabula County agricultural community in her heart.


Jenna Hoyt



Immediate family

Husband Tom

Brayden and Riley, sons


Extension Educator, Ashtabula County

OSU Extension 4-H

Youth Development

Civic organizations

Ashtabula County

Agricultural Society,

Camp Whitewood Board of Directors,

Ashtabula County

Prevention Coalition

Why did you choose this area to live?

We moved to Northeast Ohio in 2011 for my position with OSU Extension

I grew up in 4-H in Connecticut and after receiving my masters in agriculture and resource economics, I was looking for a position with Extension.

The Ohio State University has a strong reputation for 4-H Youth Development making it an easy decision to accept a position in Ashtabula County.

Additionally, Northeast Ohio is a great place to relax and have a simpler lifestyle from that on the east-coast.

Why are you invested in the community?

As an Extension educator and community member, I am invested in our community because it is our job to raise tomorrow’s leaders.

Our young people are the next generation of farmers, politicians, teachers, laborers and caregivers and it is our responsibility to help them become true leaders.

As a young leader, what do you bring to the table that can make a lasting difference?

I think as a young professional I bring an open mind to new ideas and can serve as a bridge between generations and issues.

What direction do you see the future of the community?

I see our community headed in a healthy direction

Community members and leaders are working to have a more sustainable and viable community of families and young people who want to live and work in the community.

Tell us something fun or unexpected about yourself.

I don’t live or work on a farm and didn’t live on one growing up.

We have our share of pets now and also did when I was growing up in 4-H.

I enjoy spending time outside, in the garden, going on hikes, going to the beach and exploring new areas.