I couldn’t believe it.

A 31-year-old co-worker never heard of British rock singer Rod Stewart!

Rod the Bod! Rod the Mod! “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?” Rod!

The revelation about my young co-worker came about after Rod, now 74, and his 39-year-old son reportedly got into a rumble with a security guard on New Year’s Eve. The article appeared in Sunday’s Star Beacon.

While the copy editor and I laughed about it, our young co-worker asked, “Who’s Rod Stewart?”

When paramedics revived me, I shared with them one of the most memorable concerts of my life — the year (circa 1989) my mother and I went to a Rod Steward concert in Raleigh, N.C.

I was, 32, and mom, 52, and we had perfect seats in Row 5.

I wore jeans and a Rod Stewart t-shirt, but mom blew me away when she appeared donning a pair of leopard-print jeans! Faithful readers may recall Rod Stewart’s concerts have become synonymous with leopard print and tartan. 

Needless to say, I have a hip mother!

The concert started with Rod belting out “Maggie May” while kicking a soccer ball into the audience.

Mom and I were immediately pushed forward, right up next to the stage, amid a mass of frantic female fans hoping to touch Rod’s bod. 

We danced; we sang; we were gaga for Rod.

During his encore, some young girls climbed on stage with him. I tried but couldn’t pull myself up. The stage was nearly taller than me! Mom struggled too and got pushed aside by those “young hussies,” as she called them.

Fast forward to last summer — while cleaning out my closet, I came upon my mother’s leopard pants. Years ago, she gave them to me to give away.

I couldn’t do that! Like Rod, those pants are legendary.

Mom laughed when I told her I found them.

“What are you going to do with them?” she asked.

“I’m going to save them and bury you in them,” I joked.


Staff writer Shelley Terry’s mother is in for a big surprise when she reads this morning’s column and NOT just because she’s the main topic. Terry is taking her mom to see Rod Stewart on July 21 at Blossom Music Center. After all these years, Rod can still put on a show and Mom can still fit into those leopard pants!

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