If you let your fingers do the walking through Windstream’s new Ashtabula County phone book you may end up taking a wrong turn.

Ashtabula residents searching the Yellow Pages for schools, such as the Ashtabula Lakeside Elementary Campus, they won’t be able find it. Instead, Chestnut, McKinsey, Plymouth, State Road and Saybrook elementary schools are listed.

Anyone who’s lived here for a decade or two knows Chestnut, McKinsey and Plymouth were demolished years ago after the new campus-style elementary schools were built on Wade Avenue in Ashtabula.

Even Harbor High, which was demolished about 12 years ago, is listed under Ashtabula Area City Schools.

“It’s beyond disappointing, and absolutely ridiculous,” said Mark Astorino, the school district’s treasurer and chief financial officer. “The school district has a very solid paper and communication trail where it’s been going back and forth with Windstream and the telephone directory publisher for nearly 10 years with no resolution. They promise to make the correction the subsequent year, send you a confirmation letter, and then when the directory arrives it is again incorrect.”

Listed under Buckeye Local Schools, there’s North Kingsville Elementary, which burned down a little more than three years ago. 

Buckeye Superintendent Patrick Colucci said he hasn’t seen the new book but obviously there has been a miscommunication.

“I will notify our department in charge of phones to make the correction,” he said. 

Looking for a Christian school? A number is listed for Grace Christian Academy on Sheppard Road, which disbanded that location about 15 years ago.

Yet, Faith Christian Academy, which opened 12 years ago on Park Avenue in Ashtabula, is not listed.

St. John School is listed on Station Avenue in the phone book, but in reality, St. John moved eight years ago to the former Saybrook Elementary on South Depot Road.

There isn’t much rhyme or reason to what’s right or wrong in the various listings.

Geneva and Madison schools are listed twice, and Jefferson and Conneaut are not listed at all.

When contacted by phone Tuesday afternoon, a Windstream customer service representative blamed the customer.

“Only who’s in charge; the provider, such as the school superintendent, can call to get it out of the system,” she said. “They have to keep up. If the numbers are wrong, it means they haven’t been taken out of the system.”

Jefferson Area Local Schools Superintendent John Montanaro said they are keeping up with their listings.

“Our webpage, safety plans and letterheads are all up to date,” he said. “Not sure what else we are suppose to keep up.”

 Astorino said he has personally intervened for Ashtabula schools and reached out to representatives at Windstream over the past few years.

“It’s a game of ‘pass the buck,’” he said. “Little by little each year district telephone lines are being migrated over to Spectrum so it will not be an issue for Windstream to worry about much longer.”

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