Work slated for Lake Shore Park's upper pond

The upper pond at Lake Shore Park is slated for improvements in 2022 thanks to a partnership between the park and the Civic Development Corporation.

ASHTABULA TOWNSHIP — Visitors to Lake Shore Park soon will have not one, but two ponds and waterfowl to watch and enjoy, thanks to a partnership with the Civic Development Corporation of Ashtabula County.

Lake Shore Park will receive $135,000 from the CDC for work on and around the upper pond. The project will include dredging, constructing a retaining wall and building a walkway across the pond, according to the CDC website.

“The park board has a difficult time maintaining the ponds with the hot summer heat and heavy rain, which both attribute to the high accumulation of algae,” said Bambi Pauchel, Ashtabula Township trustee. “They have lost a substantial amount of funding in the last few years so their resources are limited.” 

The CDC chose Lake Shore Park as one of 15 recipients for its 2020 Campaign. The pond project will begin in 2022 and will consist of construction of a concrete walk way around the pond, as well as fencing and a bridge and observation deck across the pond.

“This is great news for Lake Shore Park which is one of the jewels we have along our lake’s shoreline,” said Township Trustee Steve McClure. “Over the years, the CDC has always demonstrated that they strive to improve Ashtabula County for visitors and residents alike.”

Peggy Davis, administrative manager/fiscal officer for the Ashtabula Township Park Commission, said the upper pond does not have public access like the lower pond. 

“Other than wild fowl landing in it, most of our park’s duck, geese and swans take up residency in our famous lower pond,” Davis said.

Davis said after many years of planning and setbacks, the commissioners are pleased to have the upper pond project become a reality.

County Commissioner J.P. Ducro IV said the CDC has done some “awesome” community improvements.

“That is why supporting them is so important,” he said. “This project is another example of a needed improvement that will be enjoyed and appreciated by many.”

Commissioner Casey Kozlowski said the commissioners are “very appreciative of the many investments the CDC has made throughout Ashtabula County.”

The CDC’s mission is to improve the quality of life in the community by surveying its stakeholders, developing strategic objectives, identifying impactful projects, raising funds and providing oversight for the successful completion of those projects, according to the CDC website.


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