An area family wasn’t loving their stop at McDonald’s on Sunday afternoon.

Carrie Brewster and her family were looking to get some food after participating in a car parade in support of President Donald Trump on Sunday afternoon, so they pulled into the McDonalds location in Austinburg.

Brewster, who lives in the Mentor area, had a number of flags on her vehicle, including a Trump flag, she said. After receiving their food, Brewster said she found a note written on a napkin, saying “[Expletive] Trump” followed by a smiley face lying on top of the family’s order, she said.

“I pulled the napkin out and said, ‘Oh my god, are you kidding me?’” Brewster said.

Brewster said when employees saw the flags on Brewster’s vehicle, their demeanor changed. They waited about the usual amount of time for the food, Brewster said.

They had been in the vehicle for several hours taking part in the parade, and were hungry, Brewster said. The family did not eat the food, she said.

Brewster said she spoke to a McDonald’s district manager on Monday.

“He seems completely unconcerned,” she said.

Brewster shared a picture of the note on Facebook on Sunday afternoon, and was accused of writing the note, she said. Brewster said that she did not write the note. 

She said the note was uncalled for.

“This behavior is not reflective of our organization and goes against our values and standards,” said Mary Jo Smith, owner and operator of the Austinburg McDonald’s, in a statement. “We want all customers to feel welcome in our restaurants and we expect employees to treat everyone with dignity and respect.”

Staff at the Austinburg McDonald’s could not be reached for comment.

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