ASHTABULA TOWNSHIP — A Walmart employee reportedly tried stopping a shopper from stealing items Sunday and the shopper is accused of responding by throwing a Molotov cocktail.

A woman was wearing a camouflage mask, sunglasses and was carrying two suitcases, a backpack and a bow with arrows toward the exit, according to a police report.

When asked to produce a receipt by a store employee the woman reportedly responded by taking a sock soaked in lighter fluid that was stuffed in a bottle and lighting it and throwing it, the report states.

The bottle was not thrown at the employee, but into the store. There was no damage and the fire went out.

Deputies searched the area and located some of the stolen items in a ditch near Walmart. The suspect, who was not yet charged with a crime, was taken to an area hospital after being found near a local manufacturing facility near the store.

The woman was soaking wet and displayed signs of hypothermia, and she told deputies that she had gotten lost in the woods behind Walmart in a swampy area and had fallen into a retention pond.

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