CONNEAUT — Parts of the city of Conneaut will be under a precautionary boil alert Friday afternoon, until at least Saturday, as the work on the Parrish and West Main road intersection continues.

Contractors will be working on water lines beneath the intersection of Parrish Road and Route 20 starting on Friday morning, installing a 16 inch valve. Work is expected to be finished Friday afternoon and the southern part of the city will be under a precautionary boil alert for as much as 48 hours.

Most of the city will still have water service while the work is going on. Six places will not have water and have already been informed about the outage in service, City Manager Jim Hockaday said.

While the alert is in effect, residents in the area are advised to bring any water that will be used for cooking, drinking or oral hygiene to a boil for one minute, then let the water cool before using it, according to a letter from the city.

Tests on the water will take 24 hours, Hockaday said. If everything goes well and the tests come back negative, the boil alert will be lifted.

The work is part of the city’s work on Parrish and Chamberlain roads. The intersection of Parrish and Chamberlain roads was improved over the summer, and work is continuing on Parrish Road and Route 20, making the intersection more friendly for tractor trailers.

The areas under the boil alert are:

Part of North Parrish Road, South Parrish Road, Daniels Avenue, Gateway Avenue, Hillcrest Street, Culver Road, Edgewood Drive, Center Road, Welton Road, Viaduct Street, Bank Street, Longview Avenue, Dorman Road, Senator Street, Longview Avenue, Woodland Avenue, Underridge Road, South Ridge Road, Horton Road, Tony Avenue, Pryately Boulevard, John Avenue, Furnace Road from Underridge South, Middle Road south of South Ridge Road, and Blakeslee Road, according to the city.

In other business:

• The city has updated its zoning code for sheds, bringing the rules in line with the rest of the city’s zoning code.

Previously, there was an exception in the city’s zoning code for mobile sheds, allowing them to be within one foot of the property line. Under new rules, sheds will be governed under the same rules as other accessory structures, and are required to be five feet from the property line.

The move was made after a recommendation from the Planning Commission, and “this would not effect anybody that currently has their shed and has it legally placed where it’s located,” Hockaday said. “If it is a new structure, then it would obviously be subject to the new rule,” he added.

A public hearing was held before Monday’s meeting, for residents to share any any concerns that they might have. No residents spoke at the public meeting.

• Council approved adding the seventh parcel to the Conneaut Agricultural district after a public hearing before Monday night’s meeting. The agricultural district provides protections for farmers against tax assessments for sewer and water lines, allows for a state-level review of eminent domain claims, and protects farmers from nuisance suits.

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