Volunteers took time from their Thanksgiving holiday to reach out to others before heading home for their own time with family.

G.O. Development Corp. volunteers spent much of the week preparing food and then arrived early Thursday morning to package it up for 450 people throughout the area, said G.O.D.C. President Drew Thomas. He said 380 meals were delivered and 70 picked up at the Station Avenue headquarters.

Thomas said 28 volunteers were involved in the process.

“This is my first time [volunteering]. It was fun it feels good to do it,” said Cathy Marcy, of Kingsville Township, who helped sort the meals for distribution.

The volunteers disbursed from Station Avenue to individual homes throughout the community and to Ashtabula Towers, Gulfview Towers and Lakeview Towers.

“It means a lot. I have something to eat,” said a thankful Steven Radwancky at Ashtabula Towers.

Down the road at Gulfview Towers Pam Deary was also glad for a meal she didn’t have to prepare.

“My husband is passed and the kids are down in Dorset. No reason to make a turkey for myself,” she said.

In Geneva, three extended families took time to prepare food and then served it to visitors on Thursday afternoon at the Geneva Community Center.

Crystal Schuld has helped organize the event for several years and took it to the streets last year with a delivery-only option. She said organizers were happy to be back inside the community center where they decorated tables and provided a place to relax and enjoy their meal.

Schuld said fixings for more than 200 people were ready for anyone seeking a meal and 40 were served in the first half hour they were open. The meals included turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans, corn rolls and butter and “lots” of dessert, she said.

Jessica Grimes, of Geneva, said she really appreciates what the families do for the community. Schuld said the families pay for all the food after getting some donations from area residents as well.

David Lattau, pastor of Country Gospel Church in the Jefferson area, said his church volunteered to help with the event several years ago but there are now many volunteers, so he came by to enjoy the meal since he has no family in the area.

“They [the volunteers] are very good people,” he said.

Schuld said families included the Schuld, Laird and the Lilly families.

“It [the dinner] is really nice” said Donald Wegmiller of Geneva.

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