Shelley Terry

Shelley Terry

Viva Las Vegas!

Yes, faithful readers, I’m off to Vegas next week to visit Handsome Son and Lovely Daughter-in-law.

I’m very excited to see them since their move from Copenhagen to the states. We last got together at Christmas, so we have a lot of catching up to do.

Hubby was invited, but he chose not to go — at least not after I suggested we renew our wedding vows at the Elvis Wedding Chapel. (Yes, that’s a real thing.)

Every girl knows Elvis was a hunk a hunk of “Burning Love.”

Hubby wasn’t buying it.

“Somebody has to stay home and take care of the animals,” he said.

“We only have a dog and a cat,” I said. “We can board them.”

“No, no, you go on and have fun,” he said.

Faithful readers know what that means! Woohoo!

Hubby won’t be there to keep a tight grip on the spending.

Don’t worry about me gambling all my money away.

Shopping and shows? Yes.

Gambling? No.

I’m more interested in enjoying the sunshine, going to the pool, drinking frozen concoctions, seeing some shows, the desert scenery and visiting the university where Handsome Son teaches.

I want to see his office and meet his co-workers.

He always introduces me by saying, “This is my mom. She always told me I could be anything I wanted to be, and I believed her.”

I could go on and on and on about how proud I am of Handsome Son, then of course I could go on about Dear Daughter and lest we forget Delightful Granddaughter!

But I will spare you this time — so, on with the trip!

My son warned me it’s going to hot — in the 90s every day.

“I’ll be fine,” I said. “I hear it’s a dry heat. I won’t feel it.”

He laughed.

“Bring your suntan lotion,” he said.

He asked me if I wanted to see the Hoover Dam, but I said I didn’t want to go on any dam tours.

I do want to take a drive to Lake Mead, where the receding water has revealed more than a few dead bodies, including one the authorities suspect was a hit by the mob.

“Maybe you’ll find one and you can write a news story while you are here,” he joked.

Who’s joking? haha!

Faithful readers who know Shelley Terry, know ‘what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,’ doesn’t apply.

You can look forward to hearing all about her vacation when she returns.

Telegraph, telephone, tele-Terry.

You can reach her at

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