SAYBROOK TOWNSHIP — Two Lakeside High School students were disciplined and face felony charges in juvenile court after being accused of getting another student to drink urine.

The boys, both 14, were suspended from school and face a charge of contaminating a substance for human consumption after getting an unwitting boy, 14, to drink from a bottle that had been urinated in, according to a police report.

A teacher reported to a deputy that the victim came into his class and appeared to be sick. The boy was spitting in a trash can and the teacher learned that another student had given him urine to drink, the report states.

The boy reported that several students showed him a water bottle full of something yellow, the report states. The students told him it was beer and he was welcome to have a drink so he took a swig, the report states.

Two of the boy’s classmates admitted their part in the incident. One boy reportedly took a plastic water bottle to the restroom and urinated in it and another boy took the bottle and added cold water to it to cool it down, the report states.

The boys reported that when they gave the water bottle to the victim and told him it was beer, the victim smelled it and said it smelled like urine, but he took a sip anyway and walked out of the class angry.

The boys said they urinated in the bottle because at lunch someone dared them to.

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