PIERPONT TOWNSHIP — Emergency workers were busy on Friday afternoon after two crashes occurred, according to the Ohio Highway Patrol and Sheffield Fire Çhief Claude Kobernik.

OHP Sgt. Larry Jones said a crash at the intersection of Route 193 and Route 167 occurred around 2 p.m. and involved a victim flown to an out of town hospital later that afternoon but no further information was available. He said the crash is still under investigation.

About 90 minutes later a westbound truck on Route 167 crashed into a pole and landed on it’s side just east of Stanhope Kelloggsville Road, Kobernik said. He said his department was called to the scene mutual aid.

A Pierpont squad took the driver to the hospital for minor injuries, Kobernik said. He said the truck was filled with metal slugs that had to be unloaded before the truck was hoisted from its side.

“We stayed with the truck till 7:30 p.m.,” Kobernik said.

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