CONNEAUT — An ordinance was introduced at Monday night’s council meeting, allowing the city manager to enter into a contract to demolish the damaged turbine at the city’s waterfront.

The ordinance would award the demolition bid to C. Crump, Inc., with a price not to exceed $143,000. The bid from C. Crump was the lowest and most complete, said City Manager Jim Hockaday.

The bid included a $15,000 utility allowance, in addition to the $128,000 price of the bid.

The turbine was struck by lighting in 2017. One of the turbine’s three blades was destroyed by the strike, and the internal mechanisms were damaged.

The city received control of the windmill in 2019, and put out an initial request for proposals last year, requesting plans for either demolishing the turbine, or making use of it somehow.

The city budgeted $163,000 for the demolition of the turbine at the start of this year, using the responses to last year’s RFP as a guideline. Multiple companies submitted bids for the work, including one with a price of $37,900, almost $90,000 lower than the bid that was awarded the work.

The $37,900 bid was incomplete, though.

The contract could not be awarded because two members of council were not present at Monday’s meeting, so procedural rules could not be waived.

In other business:

Route 20 reconstruction project

Council progressed an ordinance that would finalize the city’s application for a $412,000 loan to pave a section of Route 20, extending from Parrish Road west approximately to Gore Road.

The $411,000 loan would come from the ODOT State Infrastructure Bank, and would pay for engineering costs for the project.

The reconstruction itself will take place in 2021.

The city will be responsible for the design and inspection costs, and ODOT will pay for the construction. If there is a surplus of funds from the construction, the extra money will go to pay for the inspection costs, Hockaday said.

Updates to Council rules

An ordinance to update the rules of Council was introduced.

Council President Jon Arcaro discussed the idea with council members earlier this year. The changes include a number of updates to bring the rules into line with current technology.

Support for new jail

In his report on Monday, Assistant Law Director Christopher Newcomb spoke about how crowding at the county jail affects Conneaut. 

“Our jail does see the impact of that county jail being full constantly, and the court and my office and the police department have to constantly work together to either furlough inmates out of our jail because we’re housing too many, or there’s just not any availability to send them from our jail to the county jail,” Newcomb said. 

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