ROME TOWNSHIP — Laura F. Olszewski of Rome Township believes a premonition foretold the March 22 shooting death of her 46-year-old ex-Marine boyfriend, Edgardo Luna Barcelo.

Barcelo, formerly from Nogales, Ariz., was shot by Laura Olszewski’s estranged husband, Robert, a 34-year-old ex-Marine and former Geneva resident. The shooting took place at the husband’s rented trailer in Thompson Township.

During an interview about the weekend tragedy, Laura Olszewski believes Barcelo or Lalo as he was called, had a premonition about a confrontation with her husband.

“When he and a friend left to go see Robert, he called me his best friend. I told him I loved him,” she said brushing aside a tear.

Barcelo had come to Ohio in late January to live with Laura Olszewski and her children. The pair had met in Colorado Springs, Col. in March 2006 through mutual friends after the Olszewskis separated.

“Things have been so crazy, I haven’t had time to even mourn Lalo’s death. I’m confused and afraid. I will not go back to my husband. It’s over and I will move on,” Laura said.

After the shooting in Thompson Township, Geauga County Sheriff’s detectives questioned Robert Olszewski. He, admitted shooting his wife’s boyfriend, claiming it was in self-defense. Deputies took Olszewski to county jail, then released him Saturday morning.

Geauga Sheriff Dan McClelland said Olszewski was released pending more investigation in the Barcelo shooting. No one has been charged, McClelland said. The findings from the investigation will be turned over to the Geauga County Prosecutor David Joyce.

On Wednesday Geauga detectives arrested Barry Smith of Mentor, a friend who went with Barcelo to Olszewski’s trailer home March 22.

“We arrested Smith for burglary and trespassing to assault. A video arraignment was set Thursday morning with Chardon Municipal Court. It did not go forward because Smith requested an attorney,” the sheriff said.

Smith is still in jail. McClelland said the investigation is continuing with more people being questioned.

According to Robert Olszewski’s statement to Geauga sheriff’s detectives, Barcelo forced his way into the trailer. The sheriff said that Olszewski and Barcelo scuffled inside the trailer. Olszewski shot the boyfriend in the chest with a 12-gauge shotgun.

The gun reportedly was not owned by Olszewski. Barcelo nor Smith had brought any weapons with them, McClelland said.

After Barcelo died, Laura Olszewski said out of fear she took her two children Saturday from their Rome Township home upon learning her husband was out of jail. She went to a confidential location for safety reasons.

Laura discounts her estranged husband’s claim the shooting was self-defense. She’s given additional information to investigators about text messages received from her husband prior to Barcelo going to his home.

On Tuesday, Laura was granted a temporary protective order to keep her husband away from her, their children as well as her parents in Geneva. It was signed by Geauga County Common Pleas Judge David Fuhry’s magistrate, Dorothy Lee.

The original custody case involving the children was handled in Geauga County Common Pleas Court. As the mother, she was given custody of the two youngsters after moving back to Ohio in April 2006.

“I left Robert two years ago after going through what I see now was an abusive marriage. He is a control freak and handled all our money. We fought a lot and I worked two jobs, when Robert had no job when we lived in Colorado Springs. He does painting,” she said.

She spent one night in the Colorado Springs jail on a domestic violence charge filed by the husband in March 2006.

“We (Robert and I) had a fight over money, nothing unusual for us. We always fought about money. I slapped him in the face and he called the cops. They wouldn’t listen to my side,” she said.

She went to jail, then had to attend classes on domestic violence prevention.

“I admit I am no angel, but I didn’t deserve all the abuse I got in our marriage,” she said.

Several attempts were made by phone to contact the estranged husband.

The couple’s breakup escalated after the domestic violence charge was made. During March 2006, Laura learned the couple were losing their home through bank foreclosure.

Her husband also got a temporary restraining order from the court, which banned Laura from their home and children. She waited a month for the order to expire while he left for Ohio with their children.

Laura said she came to Ohio in late April 2006, then filed for custody of the minor children through the Geauga County courts system. She moved into a rental home in Rome Township with the two children.

Laura said she enrolled at Lakeland Community College taking graphic arts classes with financial aid. While her husband agreed to the custody arrangement, their relationship was turbulent most of the time, she said.

She did not receive court ordered child support payments until last month. The process took a year, she said, while her estranged husband would give her small amounts of money periodically.

“When Lalo (Barcelo) came to live with us in January this year, I fell in love with him. He is the first man to treat me so good,” she said. “Lalo loved my kids and I took care of him like a child. He helped around the house, cooked and cleaned when I was in college. We got along very well.”

Barcelo was seriously injured in a mining accident job he had several years ago in Colorado. “He was born in Nogales, Arizona, and divorced for some time when we met. He has family in Arizona including older children,” Laura said.

“My kids miss him and now it’s hard to explain to them what has happened,” she said.

Laura said her husband resented any male friends she’s had since their break-up two years ago.

“I think Lalo had a premonition Friday something bad was going to happen. My husband kept calling us or text messaging my cell phone Friday. He wanted Lalo to come see him and they would talk things out,” she said.

“Before going to Robert’s, Lalo told me I was his best friend. I told him I loved him. He promised to bake my birthday cake on Saturday,” Laura said adding she never saw him again.

Barcelo’s body is being returned to his family members living Tucson.

“I talked with his one son and Lalo will be cremated and a memorial service is set for April 3,” she said.

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