Traditional Thanksgiving dinner to cost more this year

The bakery at Geneva Giant Eagle offers shoppers decorated cookies and cakes to go with their Thanksgiving meal, which will cost them about 3 percent more this year.

Many people will be shopping this weekend for everything they need for a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. With food prices continuing to rise, the cost of that turkey dinner may be higher than ever.

For the average family, that means expecting to spend more this year on Thanksgiving than they did last year — by as much as 3 percent, according to one analysis. 

But national trends can often obscure the price differences Americans pay for food depending on where they live. While some families won’t hesitate to spend a bit more to have a tasty turkey dinner, in many U.S. cities, costs for this holiday celebration will be well above average., a one-stop internet site that collects coupons and promo codes from thousands of retail brands to find shoppers the biggest savings available on the products, analyzed advertised prices for traditional Thanksgiving staples in U.S. cities to uncover who is paying the most for their meal this year.

They found the overall average Thanksgiving dinner for eight adults will cost about $40 this year, which equates to just under $5 per person.

Prices are highest in Anchorage, Alaska ($55.87) and lowest in Louisville, Kentucky ($35.09).

Buying ingredients at discount and warehouse stores will save the most money, with an average cost of about $30. Expect to spend much more at high-end grocery stores, where meals averaged $57.

Josh Murarik, manager at the Ashtabula Save A Lot, said shoppers can get a turkey for 69-cents a pound with a $50 purchase.

“That’s a pretty good deal,” he said.

The deli at Orlando’s Golden Dawn in North Kingsville was busy Thursday with people placing orders for Thanksgiving — cranberry salad, pies, rolls and more.

“Everything is homemade in our deli,” said Tony Orlando, store owner. “It’s our specialty.”

Homemade is the reason Jenny Hawkins, of Conneaut, buys her cranberry salad and pepperoni rolls from Orlando’s deli.

“It’s delicious,”she said. “No place is better.”

The site’s breakdown of prices:

• 12-pound frozen turkey $17.10

• Canned pumpkin (15 oz.) $1.59

• Graham cracker pie crust (9 inches) $1.92

• 12 dinner rolls $3.48

• Cranberry sauce (14 oz.) $1.57

• Stuffing mix (6 oz. box) $1.46

• Four sweet potatoes $4.34

• Nine russet potatoes $6.87

• Cut green beans (14.5 oz.) $0.81

• Brown gravy mix 71-cents

Total Meal Cost:  $39.85

 If you are hosting the Thanksgiving dinner, shop around for best prices. Labor shortages and several other factors are driving up food prices including higher transportation costs and supply chain disruptions.


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