GENEVA TOWNSHIP — When shadows travel across the walls of Lois Bosley’s North Myers Road home, she knows she isn’t alone.

Bosley lives in the haunted house of Darrell Gene Motal’s childhood, a house Motal says is filled with spirits and paranormal energy.

“There is no doubt in my mind that there are spirits here. I feel it, I see it, but it doesn’t bother me,” Bosley said.

Motal, a stepson from a previous marriage, said he encountered vicious, violent spirits while he lived in the house and thought the two-story home had been torn down.

“My experiences went from mild hauntings in Geneva and progressed as faucets would turn on by themselves,” Motal said. “By the time I was 12 years old, the experiences became more profound. Furniture would move across the room by itself. I saw a male apparition, and it all scared me pretty bad,” he said.

Bosley said lights will flicker or even switch on and off by themselves. Shadows pass along the walls, and late at night, relatives have heard the sound of children laughing and playing.

“This property was once the site of Platt R. Spencer’s schoolhouse, so I imagine that is where the children’s voices come from,” she said.

Bosley said the strange happenings at her house don’t happen often, but she takes notice when a spirit is present.

“It is a different feeling, something I can’t describe. I know when they are here,” she said.

Motal believes his negative experiences with the paranormal in the house were because of his mother’s interest in witchcraft and the occult. He wrote the book “The Witch’s Son,” which became the story line for the Discovery Channel show “A Haunting: Spellbound.”

“I saw the Discovery Channel show, and it was interesting. But (Motal’s mother) wasn’t into candles and chanting and that stuff. I remember Sandy (Waldron) was a good mother,” Bosley said.

Bosley said she understands why Motal felt threatened in the house.

“Gene was going through a lot at the time. His stepbrother Tom was a very level-headed young man, and he would never spend the night alone in this house,” Bosley said. “They experienced something here, and they carry that with them through their lives,” she said.

Bosley said she doesn’t feel threatened by the spirits that have shared her home with her for 30 years.

“I don’t feel threatened; I feel protected. This is my house, but the spirits belong here, too,” she said.

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