JEFFERSON — The Ashtabula County Sheriff’s Office received a $5,000 donation through the county prosecutor’s office for entry team training and equipment. 

The donation, provided through the Ashtabula County Law Enforcement Trust Fund, is for the entry team to buy uniforms and equipment to be used for various entry team training purposes.

The entry team was founded four years ago and it comprised of deputies from the sheriff’s office, according to County Prosecutor Nicholas Iarocci.

Most of the funds that assist the entry team have come from private business donations and drug seizures, Iarocci said, although team members, who are volunteers, often purchase items or attend training on their own expense.

The entry team works with a variety of law enforcement agencies to execute “high risk” search warrants many of which are drug-related, Iarocci said. 

Execution of search warrants generally results in strong evidence which can be used at trial by prosecutors, Iarocci said.

“Indeed, illegal contraband found during execution of a search warrant serves as the basis for criminal charges that are filed, and support an ongoing investigation into illegal criminal activity,” he said. “Execution of search warrants is a dangerous business, so it is necessary that our Entry Team members are properly equipped with the necessary tools that ensure their protection.”

Sheriff William Johnson said it is great to have support from the prosecutor’s office in the form of a donation that will go toward training and equipment for the entry team.

“Our entry team works hand in hand with our task force on any major scenes,” he said.