ORWELL TOWNSHIP — Deputies were called to a very large drinking party after a father returned home and found numerous teens gathered on his property.

The sheriff's office arrived Aug. 9 around 11:30 p.m. to the 8000 block of Morris Road for an underage drinking party. A man returned home and found his son hosting a party, according to a police report.

When he asked people to leave they refused so he called the sheriff's office, the report states. The sheriff's office didn't receive much cooperation either.

Deputies reported seeing several vans lined up along the road upon his arrival who were drivers there waiting to pick people up. A number of Amish teens ran off into the woods upon seeing the deputies, the report states.

Additional teens in and around a barn on the property were seen and told to start calling for their rides. While this was going on even more teens were running into the woods around a pasture area where there was clearly more partying going on, the report states.

In the woods roughly 100 people, mostly underage, were found partying, the report states. At least 20 of them took off in different directions into the woods and the remaining teens were told to head to the road and call their vans back to take them home.

"Due to the sheer number of underage parties it would have been impractical to charge them all with underage consumption," a deputy reported.

Deputies also found a four wheeler without a vehicle identification number which they impounded because they suspected it was stolen.