Before Delightful Granddaughter got her wisdom teeth removed last week, I wondered why they were called wisdom teeth.

Now I know why — right after they are removed, you act silly.

Delightful Granddaughter couldn’t stop laughing!

The doctor said it was the side effects of the anesthesia. 

“Some people giggle, others can’t stop crying,” he said. 

She was laughing so loud even the nurses peeked in the room. Then they started laughing!

There was my granddaughter, eyelids droopy and acting all loopy. She thought the gauze in her mouth was her tongue falling out. 

“I can’t feel my lips,” she slurred, sounding more like “Uh an’t eel my mips.”

The nurses and doctor helped us get her out of the office and into my car.

Once we were on our way home, she started to cry. Soon, she was sobbing!

“I miss my teeth,” she said over and over again.

She wouldn’t stop crying — all the way home from the doctor’s office in Mentor. 

Friends thought I was joking when I requested prayer. 

“Heaven help us!” I said.

Once home, the tears let up and she wanted to eat. 

“You can’t eat, only drink,” I said. “I can make you a milkshake.”





“No. I don’t feel like eating any more.”



So she drank water while I scrambled to find something she could and would eat. 

In the midst of it all, I rotated ice packs so her face wouldn’t swell up like a squirrel stashing nuts for winter.

Anyways, I played nurse maid for four days.

She used her sweet Delightful Granddaughter voice, “Grandmaw, can you get me this?” or “Grandmaw can you get me that?” 

She was so delightful again, just like the good old days. It was as if Un-delightful Teenage Granddaughter never existed — at least for four days. 

Then, she got better.


But at least I know the delightful little girl is still in there, just waiting for these terrible teen years to pass.

Thanks to her own wonderful and much-missed grandmother, staff writer Shelley Terry believes in the old saying [by an unknown author], “There’s no place like home except Grandma’s.”

Shelley Terry is a reporter for the Star Beacon. Follow her on Twitter @sterry_sb.

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