Faithful readers will recall I am teaching my delightful granddaughter to drive and it’s driving me crazy. 

The “maneuverability test” has got us stumped. 

NOTE: The Department of Motor Vehicles no longer requires potential drivers to parallel park, but rather, pass a maneuverability test where drivers must go forward through markers and backwards through markers.

We set up traffic cones to mark the spots at the fairgrounds and practiced it over and over again.

Over and over again, going backwards, she side-swiped a cone.

Going forward, we were good. Going backwards, not so good.

We were exasperated. 

I told her to take a break.

“Watch me do it,” I said.

I had total confidence in my ability.

“How hard can it be?” I thought. “After all, I can parallel park.”

Well, faithful readers, I didn’t just side-swipe a cone, I squished it flat, ran over it and dragged it under my vehicle.

“GRANDMAW! What are you doing?” she hollered, laughing so hard she nearly fell down on the ground. 

I put the car in park and got out. 

“I can’t do it either!” I said, laughing and waving my arms in the air. “It’s impossible. Impossible!”

That’s when I decided I would hand this job over to Hubby. 

“I do best moving forward,” I told him. 

Then, I reminded him of a few of my car accidents (all which occurred while driving backwards). Throughout the past 47 years, I’ve bumped into a few trees, a mailbox, a telephone pole, an electric meter on the side of the house and another vehicle — all while in reverse.

Hubby just shook his head.

“The good news is since I have a vehicle with a back-up camera, I haven’t hit anything,” I said.

Hubby just shook his head.

Staff writer Shelley Terry hopes to have Delightful Granddaughter legally behind the wheel by mid-October. Say a prayer!

Shelley Terry is a reporter for the Star Beacon. Follow her on Twitter @sterry_sb.

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