CONNEAUT — A capsized boat, about 17 miles out in Lake Erie, put area emergency personnel to work on Saturday morning, according to Conneaut Fire Chief Steven Lee and Rome Township Fire Chief Ed Koziol.

“A boat capsized and there were a number of people in the water for an undetermined amount of time,” Lee said. He said several people were rescued by a charter captain and brought to shore and then were transported to UH Conneaut Medical Center.

The incident apparently occurred around 9 a.m. and the fire department was made aware around 10:41 a.m., Lee said. “We ended up getting a call at the station,” he said.

Koziol said the U.S. Coast Guard and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources were running rescue patterns in search of a missing person. He said the Ashtabula County Water Rescue Team was called at 11:02 a.m. and several units were already at D-Day Conneaut 2019.

The boat was not anchored and was adrift since 9:30 a.m., Koziol said. The charter boat captain took the individuals to a bait shop in Conneaut Harbor and they were interviewed  by Conneaut medics and the people said one person went under water and did not re-surface.

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