PLYMOUTH TOWNSHIP — Several men are facing charges after one of them was accused of shooting a BB gun at a man several times.

Levi Brown, 30, of Ashtabula, faces a charge of aggravated menacing; Scott Pine, 35, of Ashtabula, faces a charge of obstructing official business; and David Cameron, 49, of Ashtabula, was arrested on warrants on charges of possession of drug abuse instruments and he also faces drug possession charges, according to a police report. The man who called the sheriff’s office was arrested on a warrant for non-payment of child support.

Deputies were sent to the 3500 block of Pinney Topper Road Monday where the man reported being forced out of a sport utility vehicle and shot at several times with what was initially thought to be a real gun.

While heading to the area where the vehicle was said to have gone after the incident, deputies noticed a vehicle coming over the state Route 11 overpass on East Morgan Road which turned off the road trying to avoid the deputies.

Deputies searched driveways on East Morgan Road and found a white Jeep Cherokee parked halfway up one driveway and it did not have dew on the windows like the other vehicles further up the driveway. Brown, Pine and Cameron were all slouched down in the seats and they were ordered out at gunpoint, the report states.

Deputies found the BB gun and suspected drugs in the vehicle, the report states. The man who reported the incident told deputies he was waiting at Cameron’s house for him to come home and when the car pulled into the driveway Cameron told him to get in.

The man reported that he thought they would go to a store to get cigarettes and along the way the car came to a complete stop in the road and Brown began to question him about a woman he doesn’t know.

Brown then called someone on a phone and the victim said he could hear the person on the other end telling Brown to “do whatever else you have to do to him.” Brown reportedly started to reach back for the victim while fidgeting with the gun, the report states, and the man thought they were going to kill him so he forced his way out of the vehicle.

Brown told deputies the man started “wigging out” in the backseat as they were driving down the road, and he admitted to pulling the gun on the man as if it were a real gun and firing it as the man started to run.

Brown and Pine were released and told charges would be reviewed and Cameron was taken to the Ashtabula County jail on his warrants.