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SAYBROOK TOWNSHIP - - Plans are in motion to rectify a few prime areas in the township which are prone to flooding.

Trustee Bob Brobst, County Engineer Tim Martin and local officials from CSX Railroad, met to discuss ways to alleviate flooding on Gerald Road near the railroad tracks. Township Road Department crews have done some work in the area but did not want to go on railroad property to do the rest, Brobst said.

The Gerald Road situation is a combination of things, Martin said. The ditch that carries water to and from the railroad tracks needs to be cleaned and a culvert needs to be increased, he said.

Brobst said CSX officials are willing to work with the township by cleaning the right-of-ways on the north and south sides of the railroad tracks. A drainage study of the area is in progress but is not yet completed to determine how much of an increase is needed in the pipe size, Martin said.

"That would deliver more water to the area on the south side of the tracks," Brobst said. "If CSX cleans the area, that will help."

Another problem area in the township is the culvert on North Bend Road near Electric & Sign Co. Martin performed a drainage study on the area to determine the adequacy of the culvert under the road. The study revealed the culvert is half the size it should be for the amount of drainage, he said.

"The proposed action is to get permission from the property owner and clean the culvert both upstream and downstream," Martin said. "Then we will increase the culvert to 11-feet by 5-feet."

Martin said the North Bend Road project will begin in early spring, as soon as the weather permits. The Gerald Road project will be scheduled with the township, but Martin anticipates it will begin in spring also.

Brobst said the projects are a result of the flooding from this summer.

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