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GENEVA-ON-THE-LAKE - - A resident addressed Village Council members Monday night with concerns about a carnival with rides and games on The Strip.

Tom Breen of Old Lake Road said he noticed the carnival, between the Cove and Eddie's Grill, over Mother's Day weekend.

"It shocked me," he said. "It looks like a honky-tonk, and everyone working there looks like ex-cons."

Breen also said if he had children in the village, he wouldn't let them go there.

"The village doesn't need this garbage," he said.

The six carnival rides and six game trailers, along with Port O Potties, are located on property owned by P.J. Macchia, behind the Wheel Fun Rentals. The carnival is new to The Strip this year.

Macchia said the carnival company isn't even completely set up and open yet.

"There is more work to be done," he said.

It is the same carnival company that is seen at the annual Mount Carmel Festival, he said.

"They do a beautiful job," Macchia said. "One ride alone costs a quarter of a million dollars."

Macchia brought the carnival down to the village to bring more families to the area, especially to that end of The Strip, he said. Macchia also figured the carnival would help bring more business to surrounding businesses.

He plans to have about six rides and six games with a 16-foot midway, he said.

Also at the council meeting was Connie Huperts, owner of the Sunrise Cafe, who said the carnival ride and game operators are family people who are clean and respectable.

"I am a pretty good judge of character, and they don't cause a problem," she said.

They spend money and increase the business at the Sunrise Cafe, Huperts said.

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