ANDOVER TOWNSHIP — Two employees of Pymatuning Valley Local Schools were honored Monday during an annual back-to-school meeting ahead of the district’s first day this week.

Danielle Croston, a third grade teacher, was the recipient of the Teacher of the Year Award. Becky Switzer, a secretary clerk, received the Employee of the Year Award.

Billie Williams, Director of Pupil Services and School Improvement, said Croston is great with students and parents. She goes above and beyond and cares not only about students’ academic needs but also their social and emotional needs, Williams said.

Croston provides students with supplies throughout the year as well as clothing and hygienic products, Williams said.

“She is a compassionate and patient teacher providing a listening ear and an understanding shoulder to lean on,” Williams said.

Croston said she was not prepared to receive the award. She thanked her husband Neal, also a teacher in the district, for his support as well as the support of her colleagues.

“I think every single one of you need to have recognition for the work you do,” she said. “I couldn’t possibly do everything I need to do without the support of my husband.”

When Switzer was presented with her award the entire auditorium gave her a standing ovation. Williams described Switzer as the central link between not only all staff members in the district but also between staff and nearly all members of the community.

Switzer always smiles and greets everyone in a pleasant, positive and caring manner, Williams said.

“One of the unique things about (Switzer) is that she knows the history of our school, the community and the many families in our PV school district very well,” Switzer said. “Many times (Switzer) is relied on to connect the dots so to speak between our students and families.”

Switzer expressed modesty upon receiving the award and did not make any remarks. Afterwards, she said the job is ultimately all about the students.

“We love our children,” Switzer said. “We work hard for them to give them the best educational experience possible.”

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