SAYBROOK TOWNSHIP — A dog is reportedly quarantined at the Animal Protective League after biting a woman's breast at a residence during a domestic dispute.

Sheriff's deputies were sent to a residence in the 7700 block of Ninevah Road Saturday at 2:47 p.m. where a woman was reportedly screaming for someone to call police.

When a deputy arrived, several people were standing outside the residence and the woman was holding her right, upper chest area, the report states. A man, who owns the white pit bull terrier, named Brutus, left prior to the deputy's arrival.

The deputy asked the woman about whether a domestic violence incident had occurred, and she reported that she and the man were arguing and the dog attacked her, but he did not assault her.

This isn't the first time the dog has attacked a person, according to the report. In the past it once bit the neighbor and it has also attacked other dogs in the neighborhood, the report states. The neighbor reported that the dog came after her six months ago and "nipped" her hand.

The victim in this most recent case, who was taken to a hospital, reported that the dog bit her two times in the past, and after one of those bites she had to get medical treatment. The woman and neighbors also reported being terrified that the dog is going to bite the woman's baby due to its "vicious, protective behavior," the report states.

The county dog warden took the dog and the deputy investigated further at the hospital with the victim where staff also reported that this isn't the first time this dog bit the woman. 

"They had concerns that the dog is vicious and that the baby would be next," the deputy wrote in the report.

When a deputy spoke with the man and told him his dog was in the custody of the dog warden, he "became upset and said I figured as much," the report states.

The man reported that he asked the woman to leave the house several times, the report states. He was reportedly argumentative with the deputy and claimed he and his dog did nothing wrong and that it was all the victim's fault.

The man told a deputy that the woman was yelling and throwing her arms around which is why his pit bull bit her.

County dog warden Donna Yan said the dog has a hold and will remain with the APL while the case is reviewed. Each dog bite scenario is reviewed on a case-by-case basis to determine how to proceed, she said.

In some instances dogs can permanently be taken from its owners depending on the circumstances of the case, Yan said.

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