Organizer: More than 60,000 attended  Thunder on the Strip

Visitors to Thunder on the Strip arrive on Thursday afternoon at Geneva-on-the-Lake.

GENEVA-ON-THE-STRIP — Weather over the weekend was perfect for this year’s Thunder on the Strip, said Dwayne Bennett, organizer of the event and Mayor of Geneva-on-the-Lake.

Bennett estimated more than 60,000 people attended Thunder on the Strip, which ran from Thursday to Sunday.

“We had perfect weather,” Bennett said. “Saturday was probably the best Saturday I think that we’ve ever had at Thunder.”

There was a 45-minute to one-hour wait to get into the Strip on Saturday, he said.

Bennett said the vendors he spoke to were pleased by the event.

There were no fights or incidents to which police had to respond, Bennett said. “Normally, (the police department) doesn’t have too many problems,” Bennett said. “This time we had nothing.”

Bennett said he believes people were just happy to be out and about.

People were spread out along the Strip at various bands and vendors, Bennett said.

Bennett said emergency services appreciated parking being limited to motorcycles only because it made it easier to see if traffic is coming.

Bennett said the event was somewhat bittersweet, because this was the last year the Contraband stunt team would be participating in Thunder on the Strip.

“They’ve been with me for 15 years, since the beginning,” Bennett said. “We’ve had a really good working relationship, plus we became friends obviously, after 15 years.”

A pair of new stunt riders came to Thunder on the Strip with Contraband and will likely return next year.

“It’ll still basically be the same kind of show,” Bennett said. “They’re just a little bit younger, a little more aggressive.”

 Bennett said he would also like to add additional stunt shows to the event.

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