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ANDOVER - - If all goes according to schedule the old Pymatuning Valley Primary School should be demolished by the end of January.

The Pymatuning Valley Local School District is accepting bids for asbestos removal and demolition of the 59,256-square-foot two-story building until 3 p.m. on Nov. 30, said Superintendent Jake Rose. The board of education will then take action on the bids, accepting one of the bids or rejecting all bids.

So far, the district hasn't received any bids, Rose said. However, at the pre-bid session a number of contractors attended, he said.

The district got a new primary school when it renovated the former middle school by adding an additional 8,053 square feet to the existing 64,197-square-feet building. The new primary school opened to students and staff in August.

Pymatuning Valley school district partnered with the Ohio School Facilities Commission in it's new school building program. The state's share was 80 percent with the local share 20 percent to renovate the high school and middle school into a primary school and build a new middle school.

As part of the program the state will pays abatement and demolition costs of any old school buildings no longer in use.

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