The Ohio State Highway Patrol has released a new tool they hope will reduce distracted driving; a website dedicated to statistics on crashes caused by distracted driving.

“Right now, cars are safer than ever thanks to enhanced vehicle technology, but the roads are still as dangerous as ever because many drivers are increasingly distracted by cell phones,” Gov. Mike DeWine said in the statement. “Last year was the deadliest year on Ohio’s roads in more than a decade, and distracted driving most certainly played a role. This new dashboard will help keep the public informed about this serious public safety issue.”

The dashboard, which can be viewed at, reports 104 crashes caused by distracted driving between June 1, 2020 and June 6, 2021.

Route 20 has the most distracted driving crashes in that time period at 16, including one crash with a serious injury suspected. Interstate 90 is at number two in the county with 10 crashes, including one fatal, according to the dashboard.

There were also 91 distracted driving violations in the county in that same time frame, according to the dashboard. Route 20 was again the leader, with 17, and Interstate 90 came in second with 11.

“Distracted driving remains a top safety concern for Ohioans and people traveling through our state,” OHP Superintendent Colonel Richard S. Fambro said in the release. “This dashboard furthers the Patrol’s prioritization of saving lives. The new Distracted Driving Dashboard is a tool for the public, media and policy makers to see how troopers are making sure motorists keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.”

The OHP defines distracted driving as any activity that is not necessary that would impair the ability to safely drive, according to the release. That includes talking or texting, eating and other distractions.

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