NORTH KINGSVILLE — Three months after the resolution was introduced, Village Council voted unanimously to offer to buy the former site of North Kingsville Elementary School.

At village council’s first meeting in April, a resolution was introduced to offer to purchase the property for $150,000. The resolution was tabled due to concerns about whether or not an underground tank had been removed.

The piece of land has been the subject of debate for some time. North Kingsville Elementary was closed in 2011 by the Buckeye Local School District, and the land was acquired by Flanigan’s American Roofing and Construction in December 2015, according to county records.

In October 2019, Hugh Flanigan sought to have the property rezoned as commercial, from residential. Village residents spoke out against the change, and at the meeting when it was to be voted on, Flanigan withdrew his request.

In June, the village hosted an open meeting to discuss the purchase. At the meeting, village officials shared their plans for the property.

“Our intention is to make the old North Kingsville School into mini-football fields like it used to be, the soccer fields, a place where the kids could play and just enjoy themselves,” councilman Ron McVoy said at the meeting. “And in the long term, if we ever needed to expand or close our Village Hall and our fire departments because of age, we would have a place that’s central. We can put our departments all in one.”

Village Solicitor Gary Pasqualone spoke with the person whose company removed the tank.

“He was able to acknowledge that the tank indeed had been removed, that all regulations were followed and that the ground was not contaminated, which was a concern,” Pasqualone said.

The village also checked with the school district about the tank’s removal, Pasqualone said.

Flanigan has agreed to the purchase, and the deal could be finished in as little as two weeks, depending on the title agency, Pasqualone said.

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