KINGSVILLE TOWNSHIP — The township’s new street department garage isn’t quite ready to host meetings.

The garage passed a fire inspection, but not a building inspection, said Karl Brunell, president of the township trustees. There were some minor items that needed to be addressed.

The major addition needed to receive an occupancy permit is a fire door in the garage’s attic, he said.

The door has been ordered, and will hopefully be installed in a couple weeks.

“It’s not just a door you can go pick up at Home Depot. Commercial, fire-rated, it’s going to take a little bit,” Brunell said. 

Trustees are hoping to host the first meeting in March at the garage.

Kingsville Township’s street garage was destroyed by fire in July 2016. Work started on the new garage in June 2018, with multiple issues delaying the opening of the garage. It was initially scheduled to be finished on Dec. 1, 2018.

Among the reasons for the delays was the installation of a radiant heating system in the floor. Plans initially called for a natural gas heating system, but the natural gas supply at the street was inadequate at the time, officials said in 2018.

The garage is able to be used by the township’s road department.

The township received insurance money for items destroyed in the fire.

The township approved spending $548,000 on the garage when it was first approved.

“It’s been beyond frustrating, I would say, from a standpoint of just wanting to get in there,” Brunell said. “But I guess some of these things you can’t anticipate until you get there. But at least the guys are in there using it.”

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