A NINETEEN-year-old Jeffrey Sedmak is escorted to a Conneaut Municipal Court hearing by Police Lt. Dennis Gustafson in this 1989 file photo.

Jeffery Sedmak is serving time for the 1989 shooting death of Steven Sabo


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CONNEAUT - - A grieving mother is counting on community support to help keep her son's killer behind bars.

Betty Sabo of Conneaut is mounting a campaign aimed at denying parole for Jeffrey Sedmak, who is serving a 15 year-to-life sentence for the 1989 shooting death of her son, Steven.

"Every single day I think about him," Sabo said. "I can generally do it now without breaking down."

By all accounts, Sedmak and Sabo were acquainted and considered friends. The friendship came to a grisly end on Oct. 29, 1989, when police discovered Sabo's body inside Sedmak's home.

Sabo had been shot twice with a shotgun, investigators said. Sedmak told police he mistook Sabo for an intruder, but investigators claimed the manner and time of death indicated the shooting had been planned.

Sedmak, who entered Ohio's prison system in May 1990, will have a parole hearing in mid-February. Family and friends of the victim will have their say a short time later.

Sabo said the crime denied her a real relationship with her son.

"I wonder what my son would have been like," she said. "He wanted to be a chef. He would have been a fabulous chef."

Steve Sabo is never far from the thoughts of his family, Sabo said.

"His sister thinks about him all the time," she said. "Both of Steve's nephews say they wish they could have known him.

"He was a special boy," Sabo said.

People who wish to make any comment on Sedmak's possible parole can send a letter to: Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, Office of Victim Services, 1050 Freeway Dr. North, Columbus, Ohio 43229.

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