ASHTABULA — Molded Fiber Glass is looking to make 100 or more new hires this month.

"Our business is growing," MFG's Senior Vice President of Human Resources Andy Juhola said. "If all goes like our customers are telling us it could go, we could need upwards of 100 people. ... Our customer base is getting busier, so it's all a good thing."

Among the positions MFG is looking to fill are manufacturing, engineering and some supervisory positions.


"Anybody we bring in ... we want them to stay forever," Juhola said.

Elite Employment will be a hiring event last this month.

"We're looking for anyone ... with a work history or just people that want to work," Angela Kendall, owner of Elite Employment, said. "People that want to show up every day (and) learn. The one thing about Molded Fiber Glass that's awesome is they train people. So even if you don't have any factory experience and you want to get into something, it's a great way to get in and learn something, and they're really patient with people."

The event will take place July 24 at MFG's location at 2925 MFG Place, adjacent to West 29th Street. There will be two sessions, one from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and then 4-7 p.m.


Elite is encouraging people to visit their office to register before the event, but walk-ins will still be accepted, Kendall said.

"Just so we have a good idea of who's coming because they're going to have food and stuff too," she said, adding, "They go all out."


Large hiring events "have a tremendous impact, especially when you're talking about a company like Molded Fiber Glass, who pays very competitive wages. They give families an opportunity to earn incomes that allow them to live comfortably and spend on other services throughout the county," said Greg Myers, Growth Partnership of Ashtabula County executive director.

The unemployment rate in Ashtabula County was 3.7 percent in May, according to the most recent data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Ashtabula County's unemployment rate is near full employment.

"From an economic development perspective, you're largely getting to full employment, and what I mean by that is that those people that are left that are unemployed at this point, there's probably some reason that they're remaining unemployed. And those reasons could be a myriad of things. They could be a lack of skills, they could be ... social issues that are impacting their ability to remain gainfully employed, and it's keeping them out of the workforce."

Ashtabula County's unemployment rate was .4 percent lower than the unemployment rate for Ohio in May, and .1 percent above the national rate.

"The number of job openings in the county, and the quality of the job openings in the county, is very strong. So anyone within the county who has a willingness to want to go to work and work hard and gain new skill sets, there's plenty of opportunities for them here to earn a good quality living wage," Myers said.

MFG has 13 locations across North America, and employs more than 2,400 people, including more than 500 people at its Ashtabula locations.

"I think people will be surprised with what we are doing in the facility. ... It's a family-run business, has been forever. The Morrison family. And it's about family and teamwork. We need people that want an opportunity, and that's what we're providing — an opportunity," Juhola said.

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