NORTH KINGSVILLE — A 31 year old man was tasered on Saturday after a traffic stop became confrontational, said North Kingsville Police Chief Shannon Krenisky.

“It was about 4:02 in the afternoon...It was your normal traffic stop but he didn’t have a license,” Krenisky said.

During the traffic stop several arrest warrants were found and the man became confrontational, he said.

Krenisky said a North Kingsville police officer was assisted by an Ashtabula County Sheriff’s Department deputy and the deputy ended up using a taser gun and the man became compliant. The man was taken to UH Conneaut Medical Center for evaluation.

Krenisky said the warrants were from Conneaut but was not sure if the Conneaut Police Department picked him up. Any charges related to the Saturday incident are under review, he said.

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