Man tased at gas station after confrontation with deputies

Tim Smith

ASHTABULA TOWNSHIP — Deputies tased and arrested a man Sunday after a confrontation at a local gas station.

Tim Smith, 63, of Jefferson, was arrested around 12:30 a.m. on charges of disorderly conduct, obstructing official business and resisting arrest, according to a police report.

Smith, who was reportedly sitting in a Hyundai refusing to acknowledge deputies while applying guacamole to tacos, is accused of being disorderly at Sheetz. Deputies were called to check on his welfare after he was seen staggering, unable to stand upright and not acting right, the report states.

When deputies arrived, they saw Smith eating in his vehicle and they approached his driver’s window.

“The male looked at me, turned back to the passenger seat of the car, whereas I could see he was applying guacamole to his taco,” a deputy wrote in the report. “Once the male completed applying his guacamole, he then acknowledged my presence.”

Smith reportedly told the deputy he had done nothing wrong, and the deputy informed Smith that he couldn’t drive because he is currently under suspension without a valid driver’s license.

Smith reportedly told the deputy he had permission through the court to drive, but that his lawyer has his paperwork outlining the permission.

After some verbal “back and forth” with the deputy about whether he could drive, Smith reportedly walked back into Sheetz claiming he was calling an uncle for a ride. When he came back out of the gas station, Smith told the deputy he had not called for a ride and he instead got back in his car and continued to eat his tacos, the report states.

Deputies told Smith he couldn’t drive because he is under suspension and they suspected him of being drunk, the report states. Smith reportedly walked away again and back into Sheetz as deputies told him to come back outside.

Deputies arranged for several transportation options for Smith who did not want those options, the report states. For a fourth time he walked away and a deputy placed his hand on Smith’s shoulder and told him he was under arrest.

Smith would not comply and tried holding on to the door, the report states. Deputies had to wrestle him to the ground and tase him, the report states, but even then they could only get one cuff on him.

A bystander aided the deputies who were then able to handcuff Smith completely without tasing him a second time, the report states.

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