EMERGENCY WORKERS help guide police out of a driveway following a shooting near the intersection of Lake Avenue and Route 20 in Ashtabula Friday. Police were taking pictures of a doorway at State Farm Insurance Friday afternoon following the shooting.

Ashtabula police are looking for suspect


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ASHTABULA - - Police are looking for a man who they say shot another man during a scuffle Friday afternoon at 2128 West Prospect Road.

Christopher Martin of Ashtabula suffered a minor head wound at about 3:15 p.m. in the stairwell of State Farm Insurance at Five Points, detective Capt. Robert Stell said.

Martin was transported by ambulance to Ashtabula County Medical Center.

A small, .22-caliber revolver was recovered from the scene, police said.

"The details are fuzzy because the people involved didn't see it all and we're not getting a lot of cooperation from the victim," Stell said. "We know a bullet grazed the victim's head."

Police believe Terrance "Bumper" Carson of Ashtabula shot the firearm and then fled the scene in a vehicle, Stell said.

Carson has a long history with the city police department, including charges from a drug bust on Strong Avenue earlier this year, according to Municipal Court records.

As all this was going on, a handful of bystanders gathered outside the building.

"All I know is all of a sudden all these police officers, detectives and the police chief come rushing over here," said Joanne Jones of Ashtabula. "It was crazy."

Ashtabula Police Detective Jay Janek took photographs of specks of blood inside the rear-entrance of the building as his fellow police officers scoured the city, looking for Carson, to no avail.

Anyone with any information about Carson's whereabouts, should call police at (440) 992-7172.

The last shooting in the city occurred at 12:45 a.m. Aug. 22, on West 37th Street. That's when Ashtabula resident Aubrey Gilbert was shot with a .40-caliber pistol in the leg, trunk and thigh. Gilbert survived the ordeal.

In November, the Ashtabula County grand jury issued a "no bill," refusing to indict the man police believe shot Gilbert.

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