Man sentenced for exposing himself to juvenile, adult

Timmy Justice

JEFFERSON — A Conneaut man will spend several months in jail for exposing himself to an Amish teen and woman.

Timmy Justice, 37, of 786 Broad St., Conneaut, was sentenced Monday by Judge Harold Specht to 90 days in jail and ordered to pay a $250 fine.

Justice pleaded guilty to public indecency in October stemming from a summer incident in which he exposed himself to two females on South Denmark Road.

“You’re going to miss the holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s to add a little zeal to this for you to think about it,” Specht said. “The next time you’re driving around and you don’t know what you’re thinking, that you don’t think to do something like this.”

Assistant prosecutor Gene Barrett said Justice sought out his victims because he assumed the Amish would not report a crime.

Barrett told Specht that a jail sentence is appropriate because it shows a “certain kind of criminality” in targeting a specific population based on a belief that he would not be reported. 

“This individual chose the persons I think based upon some false information that Amish folks don’t report criminal activity,” Barrett said.

“Here they did and that had to do with the fact that the one young lady he exposed himself to was under the age of 18.”

Margaret Brunarski, a public defense attorney representing Justice, said her client did not single out the women because he thought they wouldn’t report him.

“I think it was a random act that he is remorseful for,” she said. “He took responsibility, he should not have done this and I think he understands that is not appropriate conduct.”

Justice told Specht he was sorry for his actions.

“I regret doing it, what I did, and it won’t never happen again,” Justice said. “I don’t know what else to say. I’ve got so much on me right now.”

Specht asked Justice why he regrets it, to which Justice said he doesn’t know what came over him.

“Look at me, don’t look at [your attorney],” Specht said.

“Why do you regret doing it?”

Justice said he regrets it because he hurt somebody and “made them feel like they did.” Although Specht said that’s a good answer, the judge said this was not an isolated incident because it happened twice.

Specht accused Justice of sitting in the court and acting like he did something that wasn’t his fault. When deputies interviewed Justice after the incident, Specht said Justice told them, “It was just innocent fun.”

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