AUSTINBURG TOWNSHIP — A man could face charges after being accused of assaulting a Waffle House waitress during an early-morning altercation Friday.

The man, 42, of Geneva, was not yet charged with a crime but the police report was sent for a review for a possible assault charge.

Deputies were called to the Waffle House around 1:15 a.m. where a waitress reported having just been assaulted by a customer after they had a disagreement, the report states.

The man appeared intoxicated while eating but he did not initially cause any problems, the report states. When the man tried to pay, his credit card was declined, and when asked to provide a different method of payment, the man reportedly got very angry and began to yell at the waitress.

The man gave the waitress another credit card, but the man refused to sign the receipt, the report states. The waitress reportedly extended her middle finger to the man as he and a woman left the restaurant.

The man is then accused of re-entering the restaurant, and the waitress reportedly flipped him the bird again. The man is accused of grabbing a restaurant-sized sugar shaker from a table and forcefully throwing it at the waitress and hitting her on the left wrist, the report states.

Deputies found the man and woman on Route 20 near Beechcrest Drive. The man said the waitress “flicked him off” after his card was declined and again after he gave her another card to run.

The man denied throwing a sugar shaker and said he walked out of the restaurant without signing the receipt after he paid for the meal.

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