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ASHTABULA - - City residents spent Thursday digging out from a massive winter storm that dumped 14 inches of snow.

Traffic slowly moved along Route 20 throughout the early morning hours as residents made their way to school and work. The more people who got behind the wheel, the more victims of traffic accidents called police.

"There's been accident, after accident, after accident," Capt. Gerald Cornelius said at about 9 a.m. Thursday. "Our guys are all tied up with accidents."

The ice and snow covering West and Woodman avenues posed a vertical challenge to several drivers, who found their vehicles slipping downward, according to police dispatcher reports.

The city received 7.6 inches of snow overnight, and garnered 6 more inches by early Thursday afternoon, said Ron Coursen of Ashtabula, who's a weather observer for the National Weather Service.

"More snow is expected through Friday afternoon," he said.

An indefinite parking ban is in effect on all streets, city officials said.

If a vehicle is parked on the street, it could be ticketed or towed, according to city ordinance.

City officials reminded motorists when there are 3 inches or more of snow on the ground, the snow ban is in effect. The reason there's no parking on the streets is so the roads can be cleared by the city's snow plows.

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