GENEVA — Local chef Nate Fagnilli is taking his knowledge of fresh and cured meats one step further by starting an all-local-meats butcher shop and charcuterie.

The new shop is called Nakyrsie Meats and is located at 100 Austin Road in Geneva.

Fagnilli is the chef at the Lakehouse Inn in Geneva-on-the-Lake. Charcuteries make smoked, dry and cured meats. The new butcher shop will feature cured meats like salami, pepperoni, prosciutto and summer sausage, as well as fresh local beef and pork.

The shop will be open once a month. 

“Our first sale was last month,” he said. “We’ll have another on November 19.”

Fagnilli’s family bought the Lakehouse Inn in 2000, produced wine in 2002 and opened a restaurant in 2004. In 2011 he and his father closed their auto repair business and renovated the restaurant ­— Crosswinds Grille — and helped start the county’s local food movement. 

He said his new butcher shop and charcuterie was one of the few of its kind in northeastern Ohio.

“The only others I know of are the Taste of Europa Charcuterie in Parma and the North Country Charcuterie in Columbus,” he said.”There could be others, but these are the only two I know of.”

He said there were quite a few chefs making salami professionally, but very few under Ohio Department of Agriculture meat inspection, like Nakyrsie Meats.

He said he began working on the business plan for the business before he got married to his wife Kristen in January.Together they came up with the name, which “sounded old world.”

“What’s special about our place is that everything we buy is locally raised and we only buy hanging animals by the half or whole,” he said. “We know where our meat comes from, how it was raised and what it was fed. We also have a source code on every package so the consumer knows who raised the meat they bought.”

He said the shop’s standard assortment of raw meat is grass finished beef, grain finished beef, pork, chicken and grass finished lamb.

He said the shop’s charcuterie features ham, bacon, beef bacon, hot dogs, kielbasa, summer sausage and kabanosy. In December there will be pepperoni and bresaola.

After the first of the year there will be various types of salami and chorizo sausage.

“It took me a while to learn to cut meat and create salami,” he said. “The first beef I butchered back in 2014 took me an entire week to cut one side of beef. I learned butchering from a book at first.” 

He said he started cooking full time in 2011. He took a three month accelerated course to become a chef and has pushed himself to the limit to learn whatever he needed to know in the food business.

“The key to this (food business) is to always learn and push yourself past your limits,” he said.

John Senger is the owner of the Bascule Bridge Grille on Bridge Street in Ashtabula Harbor.

He said Fagnilli’s locally raised meats are a big hit with his restaurant’s customers.

“We use Nate’s gourmet hamburger and pork chops,” he said. “Our customers love them. We also just purchased some ribeye. It’s all very high quality meat. Our customers say the pork chops are as good as steak.”

He said he has personally used Fagnilli’s charcuterie meats and may soon include them in his restaurant’s menu.

Nate Bissell, of Bissell Maple Farm in Rock Creek, makes nationally famous maple syrup.

He buys Fagnilli’s local meats and Fagnilli uses Bissell’s maple syrup to flavor some of his specialty meats.

“He’s really great at what he does,” Bissell said, describing Fagnilli. “He’s also quite far ahead of his time and a real trail blazer when it comes to the local foods movement. His meats are very high quality. I am a customer of his and he’s a customer of mine. He uses some of our syrup in his specialty meats and I personally love his sausage.”